First Presidency

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Providing in the Lord’s Way

‘…the Lord’s way of caring for the needy is different from the world’s way. The Lord has said, “It must needs be done in mine own way.” …As many prophets have instructed us over the years, the welfare principles of the Church are not simply good ideas; they are revealed truths from God—they are His way of helping the needy.’

President J. Reuben Clarke, Jnr.

Demand for Proper Respect of Human Life

“Military men are now saying that the atom bomb was a mistake. It was more than that: it was a world tragedy. …And the worst of this atomic bomb tragedy is not that not only did the people of the United States not rise up in protest …not only did it not shock us …but that it actually drew from the nation at large a general approval of this fiendish butchery.”

President Hugh B. Brown

Faith in America

“I cannot leave this subject without a sincere and heartfelt prayer that the spirit of Almighty God shall be upon all men everywhere. May our…matchless Constitution, our love of freedom and liberty be noted by other nations and, insofar as they can be made applicable, be adopted by them…”

Marion G. Romney

The Celestial Nature of Self-reliance

“The practice of coveting and receiving unearned benefits has now become so fixed in our society that even men of wealth, possessing the means to produce more wealth, are expecting the government to guarantee them a profit. Elections often turn on what the candidates promise to do for voters from government funds. This practice, if universally accepted and implemented in any society, will make slaves of its citizens.”

President J. Reuben Clarke, Jnr.

The Constitution

“In broad outline the Lord has declared through our Constitution his form for human government. Our own prophets have declared in our day the responsibility of the Elders of Zion in the preservation of the Constitution. We cannot, guiltless, escape that responsibility. We cannot be laggards, nor can we be deserters.”