Joseph Smith Jnr.

“…acts of the mighty…”

“The greatest acts of the mighty men have been to depopulate nations and to overthrow kingdoms; and whilst they have exalted themselves and become glorious, it has been at the expense of the lives of the innocent, the blood of the oppressed, the moans of the widow, and the tears of the orphan.”

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President Gordon B. Hinckley

“…be involved in the political process…”

“We are involved in an intense battle. It is a battle between right and wrong, between truth and error, between the design of the Almighty on the one hand and that of Lucifer on the other. For that reason, we desperately need moral men and women who stand on principle, to be involved in the political process. Otherwise we abdicate power to those whose designs are almost entirely selfish.”

President Hugh B. Brown

Faith in America

“I cannot leave this subject without a sincere and heartfelt prayer that the spirit of Almighty God shall be upon all men everywhere. May our…matchless Constitution, our love of freedom and liberty be noted by other nations and, insofar as they can be made applicable, be adopted by them…”